Due to Coronavirus all workshops are cancelled until further notice

Acupuncture Workshop - Friday 22 November at 10.30 am

Wendy Moore will be telling us all about acupuncture and its benefits.  Wendy is a member of th British Acupuncture Council , has a masters in Chinese herbs and has been an NHS practice nurse in weybridge for over 22 years.


Flower arranging workshop - 27 June 2019

With the doors open to a sunny garden, some relaxing chat and coffee and biscuits all round, our expert flower arranger Bunty Stannard took us through how to prepare our containers and oasis for  a table arrangement, and then most important, how to group first our foliage and then our flowers for maximum impact, rather than spacing them out.  Some of us were left feeling rather embarrassed by our unimaginative selection of foliage, however.  Rather  than just forming a background, Bunty showed how a variety of leaves of interesting colours and shapes is as important in an arrangement as the flowers themselves.  In fact, among the ideas we took away was for a leaves-only design, not to mention herbs and even cut limes.  We have a long way to go but rest assured no able will now go undecorated.